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I saw the opportunity to apply new energy-saving technologies to old buildings. - Frank Martino, VP of Operations, Columbia University I saw the opportunity to help a prestigious center of higher learning realize higher energy savings. - Joanna Moore, FlexTech Project Manager, NYSERDA Together they achieved measurable results - Watch Their Story I saw the opportunity to increase our plant's competitive edge. - John Athans, Technical Manager, Pactiv Corporation I saw the opportunity to help a manufacturer become an energy-saving leader - Stacy Sabo, Project Manager, NYSERDA Together, they increased efficiency and produced measurable savings. - Watch Their Story I saw a knowledgeable energy partner who could advance and improve our strategic planning - Joseph Berman, Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility, Price Chopper I saw an enterprise eager to support energy initiatives with emerging technologies - Chris Reohr, LEED®AP, Senior Project Manager, New Construction Program, NYSERDA Together, we made clean energy advancements that led to major efficiency gains - Watch Their Story

Energy solutions that generate real results.

With millions in financial incentives and teams of energy experts available, we’re ready to help make your next energy-efficiency project a success. From energy studies to capital improvements for existing facilities and new construction, we offer a full range of energy-efficiency solutions that generate measurable results. Find out how we can help you achieve real energy-saving results in your facility.

Reduce energy costs, raise efficiencies. NYSERDA provides energy studies and custom analyses to examine your facility’s energy efficiency. Once we’ve identified areas of improvement, we can help you plan and implement a project that saves energy, money and resources.
Make informed, intelligent decisions. A team of NYSERDA engineers, technology specialists, architects, designers, and energy professionals is available to help you make informed, energy-related decisions that make sense for your business.
Receive objective information and support. Whether you need assistance prioritizing, analyzing or implementing an energy-efficiency project, a team of consultants and contractors with knowledge of your vertical is available to work with you. This team is available to provide outreach and support every step of the way, from application submissions to review of energy-efficient installations.
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Connecting smart business strategy with energy efficiency.


See an overview of what we do and how we do it.


Project managers review the latest technologies


Turn your facility into a showcase for emerging energy-efficiency technology. Sign up to partner with project developers in our Emerging Technologies Program (ETAC-CI) to access the most cutting-edge technologies, systems or practices commercially available. NYSERDA will share your project results through case studies and presentations.


Did you know: The amount of money that would be saved if the energy efficiency of commercial and industrial buildings improved by 10%. - $20,000,000,000 - Source: ENERGY STAR(R) Facts on Energy Use
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